Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Update & Thank You's

Hello Everyone..

I know it has been a while since I updated ya so let me do that real quick...

All good news I am happy to report..

I went for a cardiac test two weeks ago and found out much to mine and my family's relief that I DO NOT NEED HEART SURGERY.. Yipppeeeeeeee It turns out my thyroid was what was causing all the out of control heart rate stuff that was happening.. We are ever so grateful .. It was a frightening time to say the least.. Matter of fact I don't have to see my cardiologist till July.

Secondly I have been very busy scrapping as of late because I am now selling some of my scraps at TKO SCRAPS.. We are having store wide sales so please come see us in our new home and grab yourself some incredible bargains at the same time.. WE even have some freebies..

Now this weekend we are having a double celebration.. Today my two chihahaha puppies Tigger and Casey have turned one..This to us is an awesome event because we have never birthed puppies and they were our first two to raise from day one.

As for the thank you's.. they go out to all the people who have given me awards over the past few weeks and months.. I appreciate all of them and have all of them on my PC.. I just have to have time to get em up and acknowledge properly.. I love them all and will do this over the next few days..

And as we celebrate this birthday.. Tomorrow will have a freebie as Hubby and I celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary...Until then.. keep smilin' and keep scrappin'...
Hugs Kc