Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Late Christmas Present

Hello Everyone...

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and have many memories to cherish.
Things at my house were crazy as usual.. LOL.. We had a very nice christmas dinner along with friends dropping by off and on all day along with the phone ringing off the hook all day long. I didnt mind any of it tho.. Family is family whether in person or by phone.. I got to talk to my 6yo granddaughter Breanna and heard all about what Santa brought her and my other 1 yo granddaughter Ava. They live in Niagara Falls U.S. so a phone call would have to do this year.. Next year we are hoping to visit them as a christmas present. Hubby said he can just see Santa stuffing us all in their stockings.. LMAO

I am giving you two brag book pages sizes 4 by 6 for those christmas photos I am sure are cramming your digital cameras. I know my digital camera is screaming to be dowloaded to my PC.. But I must go with the creative juices while I have them so my camera will have to wait...Please share your creations with me .. I love showing off things people make with my creations.