Thursday, November 13, 2008


As many of my readers know in September I was diagnosed with heart disease and am awaitng open heart surgery for the replacement of my mitral valve. As it looks now I will be having the surgery sometime after the first of the year .. I am doing okay and am under the watchful eye of my cardiologist for any immediate danger signals to the contrary...

My purpose for this post is to let everyone in on a little upcoming project I have in the works for a PTU kit with ALL monies raised going to the American Heart Association..(AHA) I have to do something to keep myself occupied till surgery or I will lose my mind waiting and what better way then to get the word out with a little financial contribution to a most worthy organization .

This was a brain child of mine because at the age of 45 I looked at my dr and went .. "what?? this isnt supposed to happen to me" But ya know what??? It did and my whole goal from here out is to be a whole lot nicer to my heart on a personal level and to help other women NOT have it happen to them as best I can thru education and awareness in any medium possible..

I am going to be posting the kit in early December as it is in the works as I type.. Anyone wishing to help me on this venture are more then welcome to email me at --- subject line AHA kit for all details.. yes there are rules and guidelines we must adhere to as regards to usage of materials by the AHA..


I am sure that we ALL know someone who has been touched by heart disease if it is not ourselves. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to take care of our heart and get the word out about heart disease.. take ten minutes a day to walk for heart disease.. it is only around the block and trust me it won't kill you, it may save your life in the long run.. Lets be nice to our hearts . Our lives depend on it. & we owe ourselves and our loved ones the right to see a brighter tommorrow with lower heart disease numbers worldwide.
Hugs Kc