Saturday, October 4, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness

Good Evening All..

As most of us know .. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month
As the daughter of a survivor and the Daughter in Law of one who succumbed to the disease BC holds a special place in my heart...

I have made this BC kit with a bit of a twist from others I have seen...

My kit includes a paper for Race For The Cure, I Am a survivor and a few other different things.. While making this kit I decided to make it to where it was for everyone.. those who have survived , those who are fighting and those who unfortunatly have lost their battle.

In our busy schedules & daily lives where we put everyone before ourselves.. I implore ALL women.. take an hour out of their day for yourself and get a mammogram at least once if not twice a year.. We owe our family and friends our lives.. Our lives begin with a mammogram..

Don't become a statistic become a part of the cure.. starting with your own health..

Hugs Kc