Saturday, September 27, 2008

Imagination Soars & a Surpirse

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I hope everyone is having an awesome saturday.. I know mine started out really well.. When I woke up this morning hubby tol;d me to get dressed and meet him in the car..Ok totally confused I did what he asked.. Well he took me for a ride out in the country to see the changing leaves .. Down in OK we dont get such gr8 colors as I am used to being from Niagara Falls US and the awesome Fall colors there are everywhere. Fall is my favorite time of year and even now late September we still have 80+ degree days.. Something else I have not gotten used to either. I am used to pretty much freezing to death by now .. That is just the NYer in me I guess.. Anyway.. last night ni sat down and let my imagination soar with brushes and such and came up with these overlays... Not only do you get the overlays but i also included the papers you see in the preview and three text overlays as well... SURPRISE ... You get all of this in this download... The comments have been incredible as of late and evry encouraguing so i wanted to do a little something more my friends who lift my spoirts everytime I am around here.. Thanks to all of you and Have fun with the goodies..Hugs Kc