Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Purple Passion


Good afternoon everybody.... It is raining here in Oklahoma and I am so grateful because finally we are NOWHERE near 100+ in temps .. The last two and half weeks have been brutual arouind here.

Well this week the kids go back to school so tonight I have open house to pick all 3 of their schedules @ 6:30.. O YAY two days to go....

I was sitting here this morning thinking about a friend who I havent talked to in weeks for whatevetr reason.. Its me not her.. I just get in these moods where Im's don't go on for few weeks as I am preoccupied.. nothing against anybody it's just me.. Anywho she loves the color purple so I sat and designed the papers and use some other stuiff and came up with this MASSIVELY purple kit for my twinbrat LEXI.. No we are not twins just so similar its scary.LOL

I hope ya l;ike it hun... Is it purple enuff for ya??? cause if not I can come up with something else...LOL

Download link between the two previews:P Have a GR8 Day everyone... Hugs Kc