Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MY Very First Kit

Good Morning Everyone...

Today is a gr8 day for me.. I have a job interview this morning and pretty good shot at getting it. which will be awesome as we need the money to pay these outragepous electric bills .. It is gonna be scorcher here today in Oklahoma. It is going to 105 degrees.. No that is not your eyes playing tricks on you .. I said 105 degrees... Wish I hadnt ..

I know excatly where to find myself today.. ( yeah didnt know I was lost) Sitting right dead in front of my AC.. I usually try not to use them unless i have to but today is definately an I HAVE TO DAY..

OK I asked hubby what he thought when he forst saw the completed kit on my PC and he said... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...


Yes hubby named my first kit and I think he named it quite approriately...

This kit contains..

5 papers
1 frame
1 plaque
2 flower elements
1 heart element
2 ribbons1 button element

I hope you enjoy using this kit and I would love to see any results you have with it..


Have A GR8 day.. Hugs Kc